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What Are The Health Benefits Of Marijuana?

Marijuana, researches show, has an outstanding promise as a medical plant mainly because it contains cannabidiol (CBD). In your body there are cannabidiol receptors which are present in your immune system, kidneys, lungs, liver, brain and more. When a cannabinoid activates that receptor the psychoactive and therapeutic properties of marijuana occur.


Basics of cannabis

The plant of cannabis contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). They both have medical properties however THC has psychoactive activity that can make you feel “stoned” and CBD doesn’t have that activity. A variety of terpenes are also contained in the plant which have medical properties as well. For medical purposes through plant breeding and exchange cannabis plants are produced with lower levels of THC and higher levels of CBD.

Despite of the shift in the awareness of medicinal properties of cannabis and recognition of its medical value by many, there are still areas where the law is strict against its usage – even when it comes to patients with terminal illness.

Prescription Drugs comparing to cannabis

The prescription drugs in general are among the leading reasons for death because they cause toxicities such as kidney and liver toxicity; also they can cause nerve and gastrointestinal damage which can result in death.

Researches have shown that cannabis, compared to the already known toxicities, is much safer than the most of the drugs issued on recipe. Cannabis products have shown, not only that they are safer, but they also work when other drugs fail so they have even proven their higher efficacy.

Cannabis used for Seizure Control in Children

There are no other registered usages of cannabis in children other than cases of epilepsy. However there are still no researches of the potential harms if children are exposed to prolonged usage of CBD. There is a chance of long term adverse effects of other cannabinoids and CBD that will be only discovered later.

Potential Side Effects of Medical Cannabis

The main side effect that you have to watch out for is the psycho-activity of THC that is its ability to make you “high”. Despite the THC’s ability to make you “high”, it also has many valuable medical benefits, so the levels of THC can be made higher or lower, which depends on your problem. In the patients, for example, who suffer from great pain, THC’s psycho-activity can help the patients to shift their perception off the pain in their body and mind.

Key is to be educated

In order to learn more about the methods that are found to be effective for a range of different conditions as well as the appropriate dosage you can look at the current clinical practice which is possible in areas where cannabis is legally and safely accessible. There are also preclinical and clinical trials under way to test marijuana and its various extracts for treatment of various kinds of diseases such as inflammation, mental disorders, pain and autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

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