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The Three Switches That Initiate Cancer, And How To Turn Them Off!

We are all affected by cancer, and that is the reason why we are all supporting cancer screening and cancer treating. The war against cancer started a long time ago but we are still not even close to defeating it.


A lot of money is spent every year on cancer treatment and new drugs are being included. Regular screenings for cancers are made and if a cancer is detected more aggressive treatments are implemented. Genetic testing is also advised to be done and if genes are found that can cause cancer we are advised to do drastic preventative surgeries (like mastectomy). Unfortunately, any of those actions don’t prevent us from getting a cancer.

Why does cancer develop?

This is a question that still doesn’t have a precise answer. Hundreds of genes that slightly increase the risk of getting a cancer could be identified. For example, if you have the BRCA gene then the chances, of up to 85%, are increased that you can develop breast cancer. However, if you engage in regular physical activity and eat 6 cups a day of non-starchy vegetables, you can lower the risk by up to 25%. So this gene is influenced by changes in the lifestyle and the diet.

The risk of getting a cancer is determined by the complicated interaction between the environment and our genes. It, the interaction, which is a hot area of research, is scientifically called “epigenetics”. The environment speaks to our DNA, as it is told by epigenetics, and determines which genes are “on” and which are “off.”

The epigenetic changes can modify the way your cells run the chemistry of life and can change the healthy body into a disease prone, sickly and inflamed one. This way the chances of developing cancer can be markedly decreased or increased.

How to control the cancer switch

Which factors of the environment are the culprits of increasing the risk of cancer? These are the top three:

  1. The increased entry of sugar into the bloodstream increases the level of insulin in the body which sends more growth signals to the cells. This causes more inflammation. So avoid diet which is high in sugar such as white potatoes, other high glycemic food and white flour.
  2. Compounds like solvents, plastics, heavy metals and other synthetic chemicals, burden the body and interfere with the normal signaling between the body cells and affects which genes are off and which are on, which increases inflammation and development of cancer cells.
  3. In order to help the kidney and liver process toxins and improve the elimination of toxins you need to adequately consume phytonutrients. They are vitamins and antioxidants found in plants. Also the chemistry of the body form a disease prone one , which is a result of a diet low in the phytonutrients, found in berries and vegetables, but high in sugar, can be diverted to a healthy one.

The daily choices are the ones that mark the beginning of real prevention of cancer. It is good to have a daily diet that consists of vegetables such as sulfur-rich vegetables, like deeply colored vegetables, such as peppers, carrots or beets, and from the mushroom, onion or cabbage families, and green leafy vegetables (such as spinach, collards or kale).

A high-protein diet is also recommended. For the vegetarian gluten-free grains and organic legumes and for the meat eaters organic wild or grass fed meat. Also artificial sweeteners of all types, white flour and the sugar should be stopped.


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