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Missing The Gods Food In Your Meal Plan !?!?

Why is good to add raisins to your everyday meal plan
Raisins can increase the sexual urge, but also can help with heart diseases, anemia, kidney stones…
Add raisins to your everyday meal plan

Maybe raisins don’t look spectacular, but they offer many health advantages. It contains many nutriments and minerals which ease many physical problems, including gastrointestinal troubles, arthritis, kidney stones, heart diseases, anemia and so on.
Six main health benefits:


1. Improves sexual health

Everyday consuming of raisins increases the sexual urge. It contains the amino acid arginine which helps with the boosting of the libido, and by that with the improvement of the sexual life.
2. Stops cancer

Raisins offer protection against colon cancer, because it contains polyphenolic antioxidants called catechins. They protect the body from spreading of the free radicals which are responsible for the growth of tumors.
3. Improves digestion

Raisins are rich with fiber and because of that it helps in the “cleaning” of the digestive tract. In cleans the toxins and the other poisons from the gastrointestinal tract and maintains the health of the intestines.
4. It improves the health of the bones and the teeth

Raisins help in the strengthening of the teeth and the bones, because it contains calcium in large amounts. It also contains boron which help with the absorption of the calcium and creating of bone mass, which is crucial for the prevention of bone diseases, like osteoporosis, especially at women in post-menopause.
5. It provides us with energy

Raisins 2

Raisins are a great source of energy and it is very helpful for athletes. Also, it can help those who want to gain weight. Raisins contain sugars like fructose and glucose which give great energy.
6. It improves immunity

Raisins help in the absorption of different nutriments in the organism, including vitamins and proteins. In that way, it improve general health and the immunity of the organism.

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