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Skin Whitening Lemon Facial At Home To Get Clear Skin Overnight

Magical Skin Whitener Facial Get Spotless, Clean, Clear Glowing & Bright Skin just in 7 Days.

This is a magical Face Pack which will lighten your skin naturally.

Step 1 – Cleansing

You will need

Lemon Juice + Honey + Curd

  • In a bowl take 1 spoon lemon juice
  • Add 1 spoon curd and 1 spoon honey
  • Mix it well
  • Apply it all over your face
  • Wash it off after 1 minute

Step 2 – Scrubbing

You will need

Lemon + Sugar + Honey + Olive Oil

  • In a bowl take juice of 1 lemon
  • Add  2 spoon sugar and 1 spoon honey
  • Add 1 spoon of olive oil’Mix it well
  • Rub this gently on your face for 3-4 minutes
  • After massage leave for 5 minutes and then wash it off with plain water

Step 3 – Face Pack

You will need:

Gram Flour + Almonds + Milk + Lemon Juice

  • In a grinder take half a spoon gram flour
  • Add 4 almonds and half spoon milk
  • In this add half spoon lemon juice
  • Grind it
  • Apply this paste on your face
  • Leave for 30 minutes
  • Wash your face with plain water and your facial is done now

Do this facial once in a week

Note – As we are using lemon in this facial. Its better to do this in night before going to bed

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