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Shocking New Researches About The Phone Radiation !

Nowadays, not using your phone is unpractical and almost impossible. We are not aware about the fact that mobiles can be very dangerous for our health. Especially when it comes to the radiation that the phone releases and the human body absorbs it. So, the subject of this article is about the increased usage of them by everyone, no matter of the age. With that being said, the topic of cell phones radiation should get the attention of the public.


When you hold your cell phone next to your head or wear it on your body, you can take in over 50% of the transmitted RF energy.

Cell phones emit radio frequency radiation (RF).RF has been shown to damage cellular DNA, which may lead to many cancer types. Even low-level RF exposure causes the body to create heat stress proteins, a temporarily protective measure that is harmful if this stress response is chronic. They are responsible for the degradation of abnormal or misfolded proteins.

Consumers can take preventive measures with cell phone radiation including safety accessories to minimize the risk linked with cell phones no-matter how they prefer to utilize their phone.




  1. Don’t put your cell phone right next to your body.

While you may still be exposed to some radiation using either type of headset, there is very little cranial exposure. Either headset is still a lot better option than holding the phone directly to your ear.

  1. Shorten your daily calls

Limit the length of your cell phone talks. This one is simple math. Spending less time speaking with a phone against your ear and head equals less radiation going into your body.

  1. Use a Defender Shield Case

These cases block literary 100 % of harmful cell phone radiation from various mobile models.

  1. Turn your cell phone off when you are not using it.

There is no need for your phone to be on while you are sleeping, or at least don’t put your phone next to the head or body.

  1. Carry your cell phone in your purse or backpack instead of in your pocket.

Create distance between your mobile phone and you. For example: when you walk or run, put it in your bag or purse.

  1. Limit kids cell phone use time 

Your children should spend their childhood connecting with the nature and other kids their age, but not with through video games. This also keeps your kids safe and secure.

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