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Reduce Fever Fever In 20 Minutes !

It’s inevitable. With all the extra exposure to people and the extra busyness of the holiday season, there is a really good chance that someone in your family is going to end up fighting an illness of some kind. Sickness has struck our family this week, and I’ve turned to my essential oils to help keep the germs at bay and provide relief.After a busy weekend of choir performances, church, and several late nights in a row, Jenny woke up this morning feeling less than stellar. When I pulled out my new thermometer, she registered a fever of 100.5 (F). I suggested that she plan to spend the day resting in her bed, and she was quick to agree.I headed out to run some errands (sans kids!), and when I came home a few hours later, she was looking quite flush. I took her temperature again, and it was 103.5 (F). I put her to bed and consulted my Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils to see what oil(s) would best help to reduce her fever.


I applied the recommended oils to her feet, and encouraged her to sleep.


Disinfecting and Protecting Against Germs with Essential Oils

While she was sleeping, I pulled out my disinfecting cleaning solution.

I applied the Purify essential oil (diluted properly) to my feet and the boys’ spines to strengthen our immune systems against the germs Jenny has, and I wiped down all the common area surfaces (door knobs, counters, light switches, etc.) where Jenny may have unknowingly left germs.

Reducing a Fever with Essential Oils

I went to check on her after a bit, and her fever was still quite high and her headache persisted, so I suggested a soaking bath. She agreed, and I mixed up some lavender essential oil and Epsom salt to sprinkle in the warm water to offer her some relief.

After soaking in the tub for about 20 minutes while I read Little Women to her (our current read aloud), her fever had reduced to “normal” and she was feeling a bit hungry.

I’m so thankful to be able to reach for my essential oils when sickness strikes during the holidays. Not only can we use them to help prevent illness (build immune strength) but they support our bodies’ natural healing processes when sickness does overtake our systems.

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