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Observe how fear paralyzes literally breath. In some languages, the words "fear" and "choking" is very similar. Fear - about the same as asphyxiation. If you have learned to slow your breathing by itself - then you have to breathe, satisfied to retain even a small amount of air. Thus, breathing is widely used in Indian yoga. A case in which the yogi was in a coffin in the ground seven days - seven days and kept breathing buy antibiotics without prescription canada hibernation. Yes, it went really sleep - but not dead, regular washing of schungite water sewn provides a wonderful cosmetic effect: a person is disabled, the skin becomes smooth, elastic lines, wrinkles disappear, acne, pimples, are chipped and redness skin !. With daily washing with water, impregnated with Shungite observed its rejuvenating effect. At the same time, put your hands and feet tight back and forth to stretch the vertebrae (10-60 times). • Do not forget your hands.
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