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Natural Teeth Whitening

The Natural Teeth Whitening

The most common imperfection on someone’s teeth is yellow stains. Improper brushing or flossing, drinking coffee and smoking can be the reasons for their occurrence. These discolorations and yellow stains can be removed by numerous ways. If you want to make your teeth sparkling white there are number of plants, herbs and spices that you can do that with. Here are some herbs and plants that you may try for natural teeth whitening:

natural teeth whitening

What to use for natural teeth whitening

Bay leaf

Herb that is used for whitening your teeth but prior to that it needs to be mixed with a citrus fruit. One bay leaf should be taken and crushed into very small pieces and also crush a peel from a citrus fruit (it can be a lemon or an orange) into a fine powder. Mix the leaf and the powder together and use the created mixture to brush your teeth. This mixture can be applied no more than three times a week for natural teeth whitening.

Guava leaf

Yellow stains can be removed and also bad breath prevented by this leaf. In order to make a paste, crush the guava leaves with a mortar and pestle. Rub your teeth with the crushed leaves and brush them with your toothbrush.


Your teeth can also be cleaned by strawberries. Make a paste by crushing 2-3 strawberries. Rub the paste on your teeth two times a day for two or three weeks.

Tropcal fruits for natural teeth whitening

Coconut, sesame and olive oil

A process called oil pulling is what oil does to your teeth and whitens them. Take a spoonful of coconut, sesame or olive oil into your mouth and swish it to your teeth the same way the regular mouthwash is swished. Do this every morning when you rise up for 15-20 minutes.

Turmeric powder

This is a great herb for teeth whitening. Make a paste by taking ½ tablespoon of turmeric root or powder and mix it with a small amount of water. Use the paste to brush your teeth.

Lemon juice and Baking Soda Whitening Teeth Recipenatural teeth whitening

Spoonful of freshly squeezed lemon juice and tablespoon of baking soda are mixed to make a paste. Use your toothbrush to scoop some of the paste and apply it on your teeth. It should be left for one minute and then rinsed.

Licorice root

Africans naturally whiten and clean their teeth by using licorice root. The process is simple; a small piece of dried root should be chewed on until a small brush is created. Such improvised brush can be used for natural teeth whitening or the chewing can be kept on.

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