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Natural Remedies To Get Fair Body

Today this post is very different from my other articles. Here I am not going to share any pack or ubtan but these are simple remedies that you need to follow daily and withing 2 months your whole skin complexion will change, believe me, girls everyone will be surprised to see you. Yu have to follow all remedies given below and do them regularly for 2 months

Remedy 1 – Include Indian gooseberry sweet pickle (amla ka murabba) in your diet. If you eat this it helps your body a lot in getting fair skin. You can eat this any time

Remedy 2 – Take a glass of milk, add 3-4 cardamons and boil it. Drink this milk. It will purify your blood and will give you glowing skin

Remedy 3 – Carrot juce is also very effective to get fair skin complexion

Remedy 4 – Take juice of 2 lemos and add this juice in your bath water daily. It will gently remove dark layer from your skin and because of its bleaching properties will lighten your skin tone

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