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Are You Trying To Lose Weight For A Short Period ??? You Must Try This Juice !!!

Trying To lose Weight ?

The easiest way to add vegetables and greens to our daily diet is in the form of a smoothie or juice. This juice accelerates the normal digestion and helps us absorb the nutrients needed to stay healthy, while helping us lose weight, control blood glucose levels, cholesterol and triglycerides. Some people even say they have a purifying effect on the bowel and colon and help them remove toxic substances from the kidneys and liver more effectively.

All the products you need are extremely easy to get in your supermarket or a local market for organic products.


1 piece of nopal (cactus)

2 slices of pineapple

4 sprigs of parsley

1 stalk celery

Juice of 5 lemons, oranges or grapefruits, depending on your taste

1 cup water

Ice (if you want to do as a smoothie)


Blend all the ingredients until they are blended and smooth, you can remove any impurities and pulp or serve directly. If you want to sweeten it, it is recommended to use sweeteners like honey or sugar substitute. Add ice if you want to turn it into a smoothie and blend again.woman_making_smoothie-copy


Ideally, you drink this juice every morning on an empty stomach, although the effect is the same if you drink it throughout the day as a companion to your meals or as a substitute for your snacks. If you wish, you can drink it in the morning and at night before bed to improve digestion overnight.

Why is it so efficient?

Herbal supplement manufacturers primarily sell nopal as a natural plant that can help you lose weight. The high fiber content of nopal helps to regulate your appetite and reduce the amount of fat in your body by helping your body to break down and excrete the fat. Additionally, several manufacturers claim that the amino acid content of nopal helps your body pull fluids back from your tissues into your bloodstream, therefore decreasing cellulite and fluid retention.

Pineapple is storehouse of various minerals including manganese, thiamine and copper. These minerals help fight against free radicals as they are packed with antioxidants. Manganese is also a bone strengthening mineral. Another attribute of this fruit that contributes to weight loss is the very high water content. High water content foods have the ability to make you feel full for a while and are also essential for your body’s weight loss. Another reason why pineapples help shed a couple of pounds is the fact that it is a ticket to one of the golden rules in weight loss goals, and that is curbing appetite.

Celery has a reputation as a diet food for a reason — it’s incredibly low in calories, so you can enjoy it without putting much of a dent in your daily calorie “budget.” A cup of chopped raw celery has just 16 calories, which is just 1 percent of the daily limit in a 1,500-calorie diet, and each large celery stalk has just 10 calories. Boiled celery has slightly more calories, at 27 calories per cup, but this still takes up less than 2 percent of your daily calorie budget on a 1,500-calorie diet.

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