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Is There A Possibility That If You Take One Aspirin A Day It Can Lower Your Cancer Risk?

Development of many types of cancer, including those that are hardest to be successfully treated, evidence suggests that can be prevented by taking a low-dosage (81 milligram) of aspirin.

Use of aspirin could have a positive impact on risks for diseases such as prostate cancer, rectal cancer and colon cancer. Having a low-dosage of aspirin can actually reduce the rectal cancer and colon cancer risks by up to 50%.

A recurrence of breast cancer was less likely to occur up to 60% to those patients who were recovering from it and took aspirin daily for three to five years. Also those who took aspirin were 71% less likely to die from breast cancer.

The spread of lung cancer can be slowed down by 20% to 30% thanks to the aspirin. Stomach cancer deaths could be dropped by 31% by taking low-dosage of aspirin every day for 10 years.


So what does aspirin actually do? – It fights chronic inflammation

The healthy response of our immune system to injury, sickness or a disease is inflammation. The environment of chronic or prolonged inflammation is the one in which the cancer thrives. What aspirin does to prevent the speed or growth of the cancer cells is blocking the production of enzymes that can increase inflammation. In the long run, it helps to slow the spread of cancer or lower your cancer risks.

Drawbacks from taking aspirin

Not everyone should take a daily aspirin. There are some risks from taking aspirin one of them is increased risk from internal bleeding. This risk is especially true among older adults who take anticoagulant drugs, have history of ulcers or consume alcohol. So an aspirin regimen may not be recommended to people like these because of the high level of risk of internal bleeding.

Nevertheless, those who take low-dosage of aspirin are less likely to develop risks of internal bleeding comparing to those who take the full-strength version of aspirin; the latter are twice as likely to suffer from serious internal bleeding comparing to those who are not on aspirin. In the United States low dosage of aspirin generally equals to 81 milligrams and the full strength aspirin for adults is typically 325 milligrams.

Consult your doctor

The potential side effects of aspirin make it a drug which is not intended for everyone. It is sensible for people who are at risk for certain types of cancer to take low-dosage of aspirin daily. So only your doctor can help you in measuring the risks against the benefits of taking aspirin.

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