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How Much Food To Eat? – Here Is A Surprising Answer For You

There is a strong belief that in order to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you take. There has been a research performed on hundreds of overweight people in which there diet has been categorized according to this:


Low fat with higher carbohydrates

High fat with lower carbohydrates

High protein with foods with low fat content

High fat and high protein with low carb content

The main idea in the research was to eliminate 750 daily calories from the participants’ diet. After period of two years it has been concluded that those participants who had the strategy of reduced intake of calories lost the most weight. It didn’t matter what food did they eat as long as it was low on calories.

More Calories vs. Low Protein

In addition to the research named above another research has also proven the same fact. Those people who consumed food that contained more calories and was low on protein gained weight. The intake of more calories cased weight gain – on the other hand the low protein intake caused increase of fat and muscle mass loss.

How many meals a day?

Eating fewer calories to lose weight is one thing but another important question is how many times a day should you eat.

As you probably know breakfast is the most significant meal of the day which is believed by the experts, too and they also point out that breakfast helps in the fat burning process in your body. In order not to deteriorate your metabolic rate you should have at least five meals a day.

Please do not think that having breakfast will help you to lose weight. The point here that people who are skipping breakfast are inclined to be obese. However, don’t think that if you’re trying to lose weight you should lose breakfast too – definitely have one, since if you start skipping breakfast you are prone to getting hungry faster which will result in overeating.

So remember, have less calories and more protein, definitely have healthy breakfast (some fruit or vegetables), also try to have at least five meals a day, and keep exercising – you will definitely lose weight.

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