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Here Are Some Useful Tips For Washing Fruit And Vegetables!

These are the common errors when fruit and vegetables are cleaned.

If you intend to eat the fruit and vegetables skin it is so natural to wash them in cold water. However, what you need to know that all the fruit and vegetables regardless if their skin is edible or not, should be definitely washed. Many people get sick every year because they do not wash the products the way they should have. The danger is that there are harmful bacteria and germs on the products skin and if the products are properly washed the harmful agents are eliminated.

The products can get contaminated in many ways. On the farm the products get in contact with animals, soil, water and the farmer, all of which can easily transfer germs and bacteria to the fruit and vegetables.  At the time of harvest, processing, packing, transportation and delivery, the products get in contact with yet a number of people so they are exposed to harmful substances again.

Remember, you always have to wash your hands with soap and water before and after you get in touch with the fresh products. Wash all of the products in cold running water and scrub the skin of the products with thick skin. Dry the washed products with a clean towel after washing. After this your product is ready to be peeled, sliced and eaten.

Some fruit and vegetables, however, need additional cleaning, those are:


  • Avocado – it may have never occurred to you to wash its skin. Its skin contains bacteria too, and you need to rinse it and scrub it before slicing it.
  • Hot peppers – Wear gloves when you wash this product; it contains natural oils that can burn your eyes and skin.
  • Fresh herbs – In order to wash them you should dip them in a bowl of cold water and then gently swish the leaves around. Dry the fresh herbs by using a paper towel.
  • Leafy greens – When you wash them let them stay in cold water first for 2 minutes and then rinse them with cold, running water.
  • Cauliflower and broccoli – These vegetables in order to be properly washed first need to be kept in cold water for two minutes and after that washed with cold, running water.
  • Apple – The stem of the apple is the place where dirt and bacteria are trapped. Trim the ends of the apple after you wash it and brush it under cold, running water.
  • Mushroom – In order to clean the mushrooms you only need to brush it dry. Runt the mushroom under a cold water if it’s a bit dirty for a few seconds and brush it with a bit damp paper towel. It will make the mushroom difficult to cook if you wash it too much since it will absorb water.
  • Melon – In order to avoid transferring of bacteria with the knife when the melon is sliced wash it and scrub it thoroughly.
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