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Have You Ever Heard That Sleeping For More Than 8 Hours Could Be Fatal?

The length of sleep that is considered ideal is eight hours. Some of us, however, don’t manage to get enough sleep while some even get more than eight hours sleep.


Actually according to a study conducted on almost 10,000 participants, people who sleep more than the recommended amount aren’t lucky, they are more likely to get stroke.

A very surprizing fact since, as it has been emphasized time and again, sleep is very important to health. Coronary heart disease as well as stroke can be caused by not getting enough sleep, and this has been shown by previous studies.

On the other hand, recent studies reveal that people who sleep more than eight hours each day are more likely to develop stroke and that goes up to 46% comparing to those who have six to eight hours sleep. 18% increased risk is present among those people who have less than six hours sleep. Older women have a double risk of getting stroke.

More facts about the research

In the research nearly 10,000 people from the age of 41 up to 81 were followed for almost a decade. The scientists collected data by asking the participants about the amount of sleep they have. The participants were also asked about the sleep patterns after four and six years during the research. The result showed that six to eight hour sleep a day was present among more of the participants. It was also found out that more than eight hours’ sleep was present at one in 10 participants. Almost 350 people suffered from stroke, some of them even died, during the research.

Several other factors like age and gender were also taken into account by the scientist and they concluded higher chances of having stroke is present among those people who sleep longer than the recommended amount.

Lack of sleep vs. Too much sleep

Disrupted metabolism and increased cortisol (stress hormone) levels are connected to lack of sleep as it was suggested by the previous findings. Higher blood pressure, cardiovascular disease risk and stroke are caused by the two named above. Nevertheless, the connection between lack of sleep and stroke and other diseases may be independent in terms of risk factors for the health conditions as the creators of the study had explained. Much worse is excessive sleep; it has been viewed as an early indicator of the risk for stroke, especially for the elderly people. The third largest killer in the world is stroke right next to the cancer and heart disease. It affects people aged more than 65, but it can happen to anyone.

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