It was always seen to garlic as a miracle that healed the body’s organs, which increases the strength and duration of erection.

Many ancient cultures have been used the garlic as an Important article to increase and healing the sexual situations.

How to use:

You can eat garlic every day if you are having the difficulty to getting an erection and you can also reduce eating up to three times a week after a month when you begin to feel better.

You can also use grated garlic in meat to get the desired result but the cloves of raw garlic works much better.

Increase the effectiveness:

In order to increase the effectiveness of treatment should reduce the unsaturated fats in your foods.

Hydrogen sulfide:

the hydrogen sulfide benefits cardiovascular health and blood flow, and is essentially a sister molecule to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is indeed very popular but for more than just its heart healthy effects; many users of nitric oxide supplements use said supplements for the ‘muscular pump’ and like the side-effect of increased erectile stiffness.

Nitric oxide is the molecule that increases erectile hardness and sexual performance when you decide to have sex.  At other times, it has less of an effect.

Hydrogen sulfide is a bit of the opposite; while it does appear to potentiate an erection when you want to get down and dirty, it also increases tumescence of the penis tissue during the flaccid state and preps the tissue for the oncoming erection. A bit similar to dopamine and testosterone, actually.

In this sense, nitric oxide is still the clear winner when you want an acute sexual aid. But due in part to its complementary actions (plus the whole ‘antioxidant’ and ‘circulation promoter’ parts) hydrogen sulfide appears to be promising for aiding erectile dysfunction. Note that hydrogen sulfide does not affect desire and thus is not a libido enhance.

Warning eating garlic:

Despite the benefits of garlic, which is mentioned before, But there are some people who may affect their health negatively, Those who suffer from stomach problems, and excess acidity or colon problems or ulcers, They should avoid eating garlic.

Well advised not to eat garlic completely for AIDS patients, because it conflicts with some of those who consume the pharmaceuticals.

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