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Four Best Exercises For Older Adults

Because of their age it’s not a good idea for adults of 50 years of age and over to take on the workout typed done by individuals in their 20’s or 30’s in the fitness gyms. Older adults should do exercise routines that are safe but yet challenging for them. In general there are four types of exercises that are ideal for senior adults. The exercises if carried out regularly and properly should allow them attaining cardiovascular and physical strength admirable for their age. These are the exercises:

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  1. Training of the strength

Lifting barbells and heavy dumbbells is not recommendable for older adults since they are more likely to get injured. Use of very light weights and resistance bands is usually sufficient to help them maintain the muscle tone as well as minimize sagging of various body parts.

  1. Improvement of balance

Broken hips and other fractures represent high risk that senior adults may end up with. Because of the side effects of certain medications, visual impairment and problems with the inner ear accidental falls are very likely to occur. That is the reason why balance development represents a vital part of a regular exercise regime for adults of 50 years of age and over.

Fun types of sport such as badminton and tennis help balance development as well as keeping it intact. IN addition knee height marching, dancing and exercises that include reaching above the head are also excellent. Walking in a single straight line by following tape placed or a line drawn on floor can be also tried.

  1. Stretching of muscles

Improvement of the balance and proper range of motion can be maintained at the seniors by making them more flexible. Some of the best workout types for stretching of muscles for adults of 50 years of age and over are routines, which involve slow movements that have minimal impact on the joints, like yoga and Tai Chi. These workout types also help breathing and combat stress.

  1. Endurance Training

Doing regular exercises is beneficial not only for the strength of the muscles but it also makes the cardiovascular health better. Normalizing the blood pressure and lowering the LDL (low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol) is achieved by working out the heart muscles.

Endurance boost at seniors is helped by a very good type of workout for them which is walking. Walking, because of its effectiveness and safety, is ideal for all the people regardless of their age and fitness. Improvement of the cardiovascular strength and endurance can also be helped by cycling, swimming and even cleaning the house and gardening.

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