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Follow These Advices To Stop Hair Loss!

Every woman desires to have shiny and beautiful hair. However due to the lifestyle we have beautiful hair unfortunately is seen on a very few women nowadays and it can add so much to their personality. Many women lose their beautiful locks because of hair loss. Men have a major problem of losing hair but it is also present among women. Extreme mental strain, which can be present at anyone, is a cause of the sight of a brush or a comb covered with lost hair. If people suffer from losing hair at an early age it is seen that they often seem to have lack of self-esteem and confidence. Hence, constant worry for them becomes how to stop the loss of hair.


So it is always better to identify the main problem for loss of hair before choosing any kind of treatment for hair loss. If there are any medical issues they have to be first solved.

Home treatments to stop loss of hair

  • Take four tablespoons of henna leaves and one cup of mustard oil. Boil them together. Filter and store the content in a bottle. Regularly massage the bald spots. Natural treatment which is very effective to stop loss of hair.
  • Grate fenugreek seeds with water and administer it on the head. It should be left at least 40 minutes before washing. Rub your scalp vigorously after washing your hair with cold water. In order to see the results this process should be continued every day for a month. This is a natural treatment for loss of hair which is also good.
  • Rub onions on the bald area until it becomes red. Then administer honey on it. It is a natural cure for treating baldness which is very efficient.
  • Mix one egg yolk together with some honey. Massage this mixture on your hair and scalp properly. It should be left for half an hour and then washed with a mild shampoo.
  • Mix 2 ttablespoons of gram raw (chholia) powder, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 5 tablespoons of curd all together. It should be administered on your head, left for one hour and then washed. This is sort of a homemade shampoo that helps..
  • Mix 100 grams each of shikakai, amla and reetha. Boil them in two liters of water until the liquid is reduced by half. Wash your hair with this water. This is a good treatment for loss of hair made of herbs.
  • Massage your scalp with Aloe Vera gel or coconut milk. It should be left for half an hour and then rinsed with warm water. In order to see the results do this three times a week.
  • Mix triphala powder with Aloe Vera and administer it on your hair and scalp. This should be carried out in period of three up to six months.
  • In order to prevent loss of hair administer some lime juice mixed with coconut oil on your scalp.
  • Regardless of what the advertisements on TV say there is no shampoo that can give us lustrous locks unless we take care for them.


These tips would help you to prevent and fight the loss of hair however have in mind that the best home treatment is having balanced diet and keeping the hair clean with proper hair care.

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