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Enough Drugs And Lies Of Doctors – The Cure Thyroid We Have It At Home – Here Is The Ingredients !

Be sure to read this information on the gland that regulates all the body‘s metabolism, protein generates and controls the segregation of hormones.


If this hormone is not working properly many processes of your body will be altered, as your metabolism (to have a suitable body to your age and height), proper sleep and even have energy or not during the day is a process which is responsible this gland located in our throat.

Today cure your thyroid problem with these simple remedies which have left speechless scientific medicine.

It is a few basic tips that you can apply from now if you have been diagnosed with thyroid problems, we suggest that you inform an alternative or naturopathic doctor to guide you with these tips to keep your thyroid healthy.

Avoiding gluten: Currently there are entire aisles in supermarkets and pharmacies with foodstuffs “Gluten Free”, replacing these that you have in your usual diet and see improvements.

Use coconut oil: To cook starts preparing salads with this oil, which also help keep your healthy thyroid, also help increase your metabolism and lose weight. You can even drink a tablespoon a day.

 Eating sea vegetables: Algae are an excellent option when treating thyroid, if you do not have a supply that sells such products, eat once a week in a Japanese restaurant that usually these foods on their menu.

 Consume Vitamin A: This vitamin is great for maintaining healthy thyroid, looking vitamin supplements in capsules or drinks with this mineral.

It consumes all natural: All above tips must be accompanied by a diet rich in fiber and vegetables, avoiding processed foods and junk foods.

Source: http://www.naturalmedicinebox.net/

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