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Drinking Water Can Be Made More Interesting. Here Are 13 Ways Of How To Make It!

The effects of drinking water are known to all of us. However, drinking the necessary amount of water every day causes hard time to some people. There are ways to make drinking water more interesting not only for those people but for everyone. So read the list below to find out how you can make the ordinary water drinking more interesting.


  1. Use Fruit Ice

Your usual plain water can be made interesting by adding fruit or mint into your ice cube tray. Add these ice cubes to the water you are drinking and you will notice the difference.

  1. Tea Time

Turn your water into tea. There are many varieties of herbal drinks and teas that you can choose from. By drinking it you will help your body in burning fat and as well as you will get the other benefits from it.

  1. Eating spicy food

Eating something spicy, like adding chilly or fresh pepper into your lunch, will definitely increase the necessity of drinking water. Your metabolism is boosted by spicy food as well.

  1. Feel some bubbles

Instead of soft drinks or soda try to have some sparking water. You can change the taste by adding sugar-free fruit juice that you prefer, lemon or lime.

  1. Often have a sip

Always take a bottle of water whenever you are working out or exercising because it is important for you to stay hydrated. Go to the water fountain while you are resting if you have forgotten to bring your bottle, you need to drink the right daily amount of water.

  1. Make a switch

Instead drinking water with the usual glass change the way you do it, try using a bottle. Another thing you can switch is drinking warm instead of cold water.

  1. Eat soup

Soup will keep you hydrated and it’s also beneficial for you because of all the vitamins and nutrients from it. Choose vegetable broth, chicken broth or any kind of soup.

  1. Add herbs

Try adding mint leaves, lemongrass or ginger, powdered or freshly sliced, into your drinking water.

  1. Use straw

Drink water by using a straw. That way you will not always drink water from your glass or bottle.

  1. Add fruit

You can also try adding fruit into your water. Use the in season fruit like oranges, mango or cherries.

  1. Involve your friends or family

Involving your family or friend will help motivating each other in order to achieve the goal of having at least five to eight glasses of water per day.

  1. Stay hydrated with water-based food

In order to stay hydrated and refreshed during the day have some water based food like cucumbers, grapefruit, cantaloupe, and water melon.

  1. Water bottle

Investing in a water bottle can make drinking water more interesting. If this will make you drink more water, then try it!

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