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Lemon Tomato Face Pack To Get Super White Skin

If you want to get white skin instantly and glowing skin then this remedy will work for you. This is 100% natural remedy and the good thing about this remedy is that you do not need to buy any special product from the market. All ingredients can be found ... read more

Aloe vera face packs for all skin types

Aloe vera is one herb that is being used since ancient times for skin and hair and believes me it is one of the best available natural ingredients that can cure almost all skin problems.   Aloe vera face pack for glowing skin Ingredients required: Aloe vera gel Milk ... read more

How to use Patanjali aloe vera gel for fast hair growth

We all use Patanjali aloe vera gel for skin gut it is equally good for your hair and scalp too. When applied on hair, it makes them extra smooth and shinier and when applied on the scalp, fights against all scalp infections. In this post, we are going to ... read more

2 most effective ways to use onion for fast hair growth

Okay so daily  someone asks me same question, Onion juice helps in fast hair growth, is it true? Answer is Yes and science behind this is also very simple. Onion is rich in sulfur. This mineral is one of the main building blocks of hair. It improves blood circulation and provides ... read more
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