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Rice Cream To Get Ageless Beautiful Skin

Today I will share how can you prepare anti aging and fairness cream at home. It will make your skin fairer, will remove all dark spots and pigmentation from your skin. Rice is rich in vitamin B and very effective to boost collagen production, it stimulates blood flow, and ... read more

Top 5 Magical Vaseline Beauty Hacks

Vaseline as face cleanser Take 1 small spoon of vaseline Add little amount of milk in this Mix it well Apply this all over your face Leave for 1 minute Remove it with help of cotton pad It will remove all makeup and dirt impurities from your face Vaseline ... read more

You Need Just 5 Days To Get Bright, Glowing, Suntan Free Skin

Because of stressed lifestyle and continuous exposure to pollution and sunlight skin becomes tanned, uneven and dull. Today in this article we are going to share a super effective body polishing treatment. Just do this treatment 3 times in a week and you can see amazing results yourself This treatment ... read more

100% Natural Way To Hide Dark Circles In Just 1 Minute

Today I am going to shae one very simple remedy taht will not take any extra time for preparation and at the same time is very effcteive for dark circles around eyes. Normally dark circles are caused discoloration from broken capillaries beneath skin under eyes. Toothpaste usually contains oil ... read more

Try This Henna Pack For Hair It Can Give NEW LIFE To Your Hair

Benefits of Henna for hair Treats dandruff and reduces itchiness Henna has antimicrobial and antifungal properties which cools and soothes the scalp and maintains scalp health. Henna is thus effective in removing dandruff caused by fungal infection by reducing flakiness and itchiness in the scalp.   Conditions and colors ... read more

Try This Mask To Remove All Wrinkles From Your Face

Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process and it is very normal but it can ruin your whole look when they are premature Before going to discuss about remedy first let me tell you about some causes behind premature skin wrinkles that appears on skin Most wrinkles ... read more
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