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Bladder Infection – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prevention And Treatment

What is a bladder infection?

Inflammations of the bladder, urinary tract infections or cystitis are commonly known as bladder infections. Both men and women can suffer from bladder infection. Men suffer from it as they get older due to the growth in prostate size. Women suffer more from it, and although there is no explanation of the reason for it by medical doctors, the possible reason is that women’s urethra is shorter than that of men, so it’s easier for the bacteria to find its way to the bladder.

Although this infection does not represent an immediate threat to the general heath of an individual, it can cause complications, such as kidney failure, if not treated immediately and properly.
Bladder Infection

The causes of bladder infection

The infection is mainly caused by the organism known as Escherichia coli or short E. Coli. A person’s urinary system gets infected through the urethra, which is the tube that leads to the bladder.

Women can get their bladder infected after intercourse since penetration from the vagina enables the bacteria to make its way to the bladder. So the more sexually active the person is the higher are the chances to get bladder infection. At men, having a bladder infection shows a sign of an underlying illness. After getting it for the first time it can reoccur. Having a low immune system could also represent a risk of getting a bladder infection.

Symptoms of a bladder infection

A few of the following symptoms are known to be caused by bladder infection:

– urinating more often than regular

– pain and discomfort while urinating are experienced

– blood is present in the urine

– when your urine is seen to be cloudy or to give out a strong odor.

– you are vomiting and have nausea

– you have back pains

– confusion

These are a few of the symptoms that may be caused by bladder infection although a person may have bladder infection without showing any symptoms at all. If the infection gets complicated, the symptoms may vary.

How to diagnose a bladder infection?Bladder Infection

The most common way of diagnosing the infection is with a urinalysis test. When you get the results your doctor will give you appropriate treatment according to the results. If the case is more serious, then additional tests will be carried out in order to detect the source of the problem and treat it accordingly.

Prevention of bladder infection

Bladder infection can be prevented by proper use of personal intimate hygiene, urinating as soon as you feel the need, urinating after sexual intercourse (especially women) drinking lots of fluids daily, frequent use of vitamin C. Preventive measure for those who have history of bladder infection is taking antibiotics for a few days.

The most common way of treating bladder infection is the use of antibiotics. In the more complicated cases, more aggressive methods are used, which means stronger medications and longer period of treatment. People with reoccurring cases of bladder infection just continue with the prescribed medication from their doctors which is a sort of self-treatment.
The situation should get better after 2-3 days and if you do not feel better after three days consult your doctor immediately.

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