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Tips To Avoid Hangover

If you have ever drunk too much you know that sickness, splitting headaches, dizziness and dehydration are consequences of it.

Dehydration occurs when you drink alcohol a lot since it is a diuretic that is it removes fluids from your body and it can cause many of the hangover symptoms.

Your sleep can also be disturbed by alcohol and it can upset your stomach too. It can stay longer period in your system so you may still have some alcohol in it the following morning.


Myth about the cure for hangover

Actually there are no cures for hangover so they are generally a myth. If you have symptoms of hangover there are some tips to make them easier and also there are tips of how to avoid hangover.

If you want to avoid hangover then you shouldn’t drink at all. However, if you decide to drink then do it within the recommended limits and be sensible. Three up to four units a day are recommended for men and two up to three units a day are recommended for women. Be careful when you consume alcohol especially if you don’t know how much of it your body can cope with.

How many units of alcohol are there?

If you don’t know the units measure you may easily end up having much more alcohol that you have originally intended to consume. In order to know the quantity of units of alcohol, read the given examples below.

  • a can of standard lager or beer – 1.8 units
  • a 16 Fluid Ounces of standard lager or beer – 2.3 units
  • a small glass of wine (125ml) – 1.5 units
  • a large glass of wine (250ml) – 3 units
  • a measure of spirits (25ml) – 1 unit

The steps below will help you in keeping hangovers away:

  • Have some food before you decide to drink. The body’s alcohol absorption will be slowed down by the food. Try to choose food that contains fats or carbohydrates (like pasta or rice).
  • If you discover that you’re sensitive to dark-colored drinks then avoid drinking them. They contain chemicals known as congeners (impurities) that can make hangover even worse.
  • Don’t drink fizzy drinks since they speed up your system’s alcohol absorption. Have some non-fizzy drinks or water between each alcoholic drink.
  • Before you go to bed have one or two glasses of water and keep one by the bed so that if you wake up during the night you can have some water.

Recommended by the health services:

  • Men should not drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol every day
  • Women should not drink more than 2-3 units every day
  • Avoid consuming alcohol for 48 hours, if you’ve had a heavy drinking session,

The morning after the alcohol consumption.

If you still have hangover the next morning then you haven’t followed the advices. Since you are suffering from dehydration then you need to rehydrate your body so that it can deal with the symptoms. There are also painkillers that you can get without a recipe – they can help with the muscle cramps and the headache. Don’t take any aspirin since it may increase sickness and further irritate your stomach, opt for paracetamol-based remedies. Have some antacid to settle your stomach and some sugary foods to help you feel less trembly. Depleted resources can be restored with vegetable based broth or bouillon soup – a good source of minerals and vitamins. Have plenty of water, soda water or isotonic drinks to replace the lost fluids. Don’t opt for more alcohol the next morning – it won’t help and it may make you feel even worse. Doctor’s advice is always allow 48 hours before having another glass of alcohol, that will give your body sufficient time to recover.

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