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Are You Trying To Lose Weight? – Then These Are 8 Things You Should Never Eat!

Many experts say that you don’t have to avoid eating certain food because if you do so you will end up eating a lot and subsequent weight gain. However you have to know that you need to cut down on some food and avoid eating them whenever you can which will support your efforts to lose weight.


Let’s take a look on the list:

  1. Any Snack That Only Contains Carbs

Don’t get it wrong – this doesn’t mean that you should entirely remove carbs from the list. The main reason that they are put on the list is that snacks which contain combination of carbs, healthy fats, and protein take longer do digest. Crackers, dry cereal, bread, or rice cakes are some of them and try to avoid eating them alone. The proper way is to treat them as mini meals, for example: a slice of bread with nut butter, or whole grain crackers with low-fat cheese.

  1. Frozen Meals

The main reason for skipping frozen meals is sodium, a natural preservative. It is added to the frozen meals to last longer in your freezer. What it does to your body is making it to retain water, also they are full of calories; in the end you won’t feel and look well – so avoid them if you can and have some lower-calorie foods.

  1. High-Fiber Snack Bars

We definitely need fiber – it helps our digestive system running smoothly. But you need to know that one snack bar rich of fiber (about 25 grams) if consumed at once covers our need of fiber for the whole day; whereas it should be gradually taken throughout the day, especially if you are trying to lose weight. The proper choice is naturally fiber-rich product – fruit or vegetables taken in every snack or meal.

  1. “Low-Fat” Foods

According to research, when low fat food is consumed, people tend to eat more and that goes up to 30%. The main reason is flavor – since when fat is removed from the food it loses some of it and when, in compensation, a sugar is added it makes that kind of food even worse for you.

  1. Juice

Yes, surprisingly isn’t it? – The main actor here is: Fructose – the natural sweetener that makes fruit and its juice taste sweet. But this may cause problems to you – it tricks your body so it doesn’t recognize when it is full – end result is gaining weight, eating more and increases the danger of developing insulin resistance and diabetes.

  1. Artificially Sweetened Drinks

Avoid consuming diet soda and drinks that contain “zero-calories” since it may increase your need for eating – and you will end up eating more and gaining weight. Try some carbonated water instead – it will make your stomach feel full and you will eat less J

  1. Cereal Sold in a Value-Size Box

Our brains work in that way so when we know that there is more food we eat more. Anyway don’t get this wrong – the main point is: Don’t eat out of the bag, if you decide to get a value pack of any packaged food, measure your servings out.

  1. Booze

Cut back on it if you are serious on losing weight. Alcohol contains empty calories which don’t provide any nutrients. It impairs your judgment and you will eat more instead of less, and it also prevents your liver to burn calories effectively since your body, after the alcohol consumption, considers it as a toxin and tries to get rid of it. So avoid it if you are serious on weight loss.

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