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3 Days Challenge, My Easy Weight Loss Journey

Morning time

Start your day with apple cider vinegar

Add 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar in 1 big cup of water and drink it

No need to drink tea/coffee after that

8:00 AM

Eat 6-7 almonds and you are ready to go for workout

Do some cardio workout for 1 hour. It will tone your body and will burn fat

10:00 AM

Time for smoothie

Take 1 banana. Add 1 melon and 1 big spoon of peanut butter

Add 1/2 glass of milk in this and blend it

Your smoothie is ready. Drink it just after workout

1:00 PM

Time for such, make sure it is healthy and with no preservatives

You can replace cooking oil with clarified butter or coconut oil

30 minutes after meal drink a glass of warm water

4:00 PM

Take 1 cup of green tea with some low calorie snacks

7:00 PM


You can take around 1 cup of cooked rice with vegetables

Again drink 1 glass of warm water after 30 minutes

Drink 1 glass of apple cider vinegar 1 hour before going to bed

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