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Just 1-Ingredient Recipe For Permanent Hair Straightening!

coconut milk and lemon mask to have straight hair – curly hair mask to naturally straight hair – hair straightening treatment – natural hair relaxer Ingredients: 1 Cup coconut oil 2 Tablespoon olive oil 1 Lemon juive (about 4 tablespoon) 3 Tablespoon cornstarch Apply on your hair for 1-2 ... read more

She Rubs A Banana Peel On Her Face And This Happens To Her Acne!

Acne develop due to bacteria, oil reproduction, dead skin cells, and clogged pores and there are factors which can make it worse like hormones, diet, stress, and some meds. They are hard to treat, thus it makes people frustrated. However, if they are not treated, permanent scar and dark ... read more

2 Step beauty hack to get Awesome shine and instant glowing skin

This beauty hack is the one shot solution for variety of skin problems. Eliminate different skin problems such as skin pigmentation, discoloration, sun tan, sun rash, premature aging, acne, pimples, dry peeling skin, dark spots, pimple marks, acne scars and other common skin related problems. Aloe Vera Gel blended with other ... read more

6 Ways To Avoid Pregnancy Without Using Condom

Getting pregnant when you are not ready to have a baby is a major surprise for any woman. There are a lot of couples who try the pull-out method for the prevention, but then again this is not safe, and you might end up with the bun in the oven. To ... read more
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