March 2016 - Healthy Tips Center

Problem With The Herpes On Your Lips ???

Do you have during winter have problems with herpes on the lips? World is about an infectious disease caused by virus against which there isn’t any reliable medicine, but which can be prevented controlled by following some advices for healthy diet and lifestyle. Here is what you should do ... read more

Missing The Gods Food In Your Meal Plan !?!?

Why is good to add raisins to your everyday meal plan Raisins can increase the sexual urge, but also can help with heart diseases, anemia, kidney stones… Add raisins to your everyday meal plan Maybe raisins don’t look spectacular, but they offer many health advantages. It contains many nutriments ... read more

Get Rid Of The Ugly Warts With Only One Ingredient !!!

The warts are benign lumps on the skin that look like a small soft balloons that hang on the skin. Besides being harmless, most of us want to remove them, mostly because they show up on visible places, for example, the neck.   The good thing is that you ... read more
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