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What Are The Health Benefits Of Marijuana?

Marijuana, researches show, has an outstanding promise as a medical plant mainly because it contains cannabidiol (CBD). In your body there are cannabidiol receptors which are present in your immune system, kidneys, lungs, liver, brain and more. When a cannabinoid activates that receptor the psychoactive and therapeutic properties of ... read more

Important Reason Why To Avoid Washing Raw Chicken!

There is bacteria called campylobacter found in raw chicken and if you wash it before you cook it there is a risk of getting food poisoned from it. Most of the people have heard of salmonella, listeria and Escherichia coli and there is a small number of people that ... read more

Follow These Advices To Stop Hair Loss!

Every woman desires to have shiny and beautiful hair. However due to the lifestyle we have beautiful hair unfortunately is seen on a very few women nowadays and it can add so much to their personality. Many women lose their beautiful locks because of hair loss. Men have a ... read more

How Much Food To Eat? – Here Is A Surprising Answer For You

There is a strong belief that in order to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you take. There has been a research performed on hundreds of overweight people in which there diet has been categorized according to this: Low fat with higher carbohydrates High fat with ... read more
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